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In September, core developers of Mambo, the popular open source content management system, announced a fork of the project, called Joomla!, with virtually all active participants following the fork. I caught up with Andrew Eddie, lead developer of the new Joomla!, to find out more about the decision to fork the Mambo project, and to find out how things are going so far. LWM: I'll start with the hard question first: What led you to the decision to fork Mambo? Andrew Eddie: Forking is a very serious decision to make and one that I and the team did not take lightly. In the words of Danny Devito in the "War of the Roses," "There are no winners in a divorce, only degrees of losing." Ultimately our decision to separate from Miro was made on the basis that Miro had no respect for the decisions made by the Mambo Steering Committee (MSC), the body that consisted of elected r... (more)

Evaluating the ROI of Open Source on the Desktop

When people hear that open source software is often free and overall cheaper than proprietary solutions, they're intrigued. But how much cheaper is another question. What other costs are involved? This article examines the budgetary impact of migrating corporate desktops to open source solutions. This is one of many areas where open source can positively impact IT budgets. Classifying Desktops The first step in evaluating the license savings on the desktop is to determine which desktops in your organization are candidates for migrating to Linux, OpenOffice, or both. Step One: Inv... (more)

The Rapid Development of SugarCRM with LAMP

After all the buzz about SugarCRM at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo this year in Boston, we caught up with the company's co-founder and VP of Open Source, Clint Oram, to find out more about his hot new project. How did you get started with SugarCRM? The three of us who co-founded SugarCRM, Inc., and the SugarCRM Open Source Project worked together in the CRM industry for several years and saw that the time was right for a commercial Open Source CRM application. With my previous company, I encountered Open Source software and quickly realized how powerful a software development... (more)

Maria Winslow's Practical Open Source Blog - Does Open Source Java Matter?

Maria Winslow's Practical Open Source Blog There is a lot of open source activity currently surrounding Java, from JBoss and Geronimo (open source app servers) to MyFaces (an open source web application framework - think Struts but better) to Spring (an open source application framework). And now Harmony, an open source Java implementation, is in incubator status at the Apache Software Foundation. IBM and Intel have both made contributions toward the project. The Harmony project mission (from the website): -  Create a compatible, independent implementation of J2SE 5 under the Apa... (more)

Open Source Web Site Content Management Systems

Web site content management can be difficult, and commercial products can be expensive. Luckily, a few open source projects are highly recommended for the job. In fact, eWeek has claimed that Bricolage was one of the best content management systems it has ever seen, even among commercial offerings, and Mambo won best of show at LinuxWorld this February. In this article, I'll get you started with an overview of these examples of production-ready open source projects. Bricolage Bricolage ( is a free open source content management and publishing system. Its full... (more)